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Meeting of Mrs. Jiang Yu and Mr. Stjepan Mesić, the Former President of Croatia


On Jan. 4, Jiang Yu had a formal meeting with Mr. Stjepan Mesić, the former president of Croatia,in Zagreb during her business journey to Europe.


(Meeting of Jiang Yu and Mr. Stjepan Mesić)

Mrs. Jiang Yu introduced to Mr. Stjepan Mesić the development of Z-Run, including the projects that Z-Run invested in Croatia, including special economic zone, tourism, real estate, infrastructure, etc. Mr. Stjepan Mesić held a positive attitude towards the investments and pointed out that Z-Run had built up a business bridge between China and Croatia rather just conducted business activities. The former president also provided precious advice for Z-Run’s future development. 

It is learned that Mr. Stjepan Mesić was the last president of former Yugoslavia and founding father of Croatia, who had made huge contribution to the friendly relationship between China and Croatia.