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Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD. Strategic Cooperation Beijing Platinum Ten-Minute Emergency Technology Research Institute



Mr. Song Zhonghua (right), general manager of Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD. (right) and Mr. Wang Yonggang (left), president of Beijing Platinum Ten-Minute Emergency Technology Research Institute, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement.


Ms. Jiang Yu and President Wang Yonggang visited the general aviation development management committee.

On January 15th, Mr. Song Zhonghua, General Manager of Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD., and Dean Wang Yonggang of Beijing Platinum Ten-Minute Emergency Technology Research Institute, signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. In the future, they will start cooperation in aviation emergency medical rescue training. Ms. Jiang Yu, the founder of Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD., Mr. Li Wen, General Aviation Development Management Committee,  and Ms. Lu Dongmei, director of the Beijing Platinum 10-minute Emergency Research Institute, attended the signing ceremony and signed.


Platinum Ten minutes for first aid " refers to the early 10 minutes period when the injury cannot be reached by professionals, the most important is the timeliness and the weakest treatment, and before the arrival of 120 or other rescue systems, it is done through Volunteers or first responders carry out professional training to save lives and avoid the deterioration of injuries and diseases, reduce the disability rate, and reduce the loss of life and property.

As the "Platinum Ten Minutes" emergency response theory and technology continue to be promoted and popularized, it will accelerate the personal rescue of injuries and illnesses, mutual rescue of families, neighbors, communities, teams, and society, public health events, and public safety. Emergency rescue of incidents, emergency rescue of natural disasters, aeromedical transfer, wartime rescue, battle wound rescue and other fields.

Beijing Platinum Ten-Minute Emergency Research Institute is the only legal non-governmental non-corporate unit representing the "Platinum Ten Minutes of First Aid " in China. It is committed to the research and scientific popularization of the "full chain" intervention in the first aid of the medical field.