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Zhongrunhuatong responds to the national call to carry out "consumption poverty alleviation"


The year 2020 is a milestone year. China will complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and achieve its first centenary goal. The year 2020 is also a decisive year in the fight against poverty, and every responsible enterprise has a responsibility to contribute to the fight against poverty.


(Ms. Jiang yu and director zhang zhihui)

On December 31, Mr. Zhang zhihui, vice chairman of the public charity promotion committee of the China charity federation and director of angel charity fund, visited the Beijing headquarters of zhongrunhuatong.


Zhongrunhuatong actively responds to the national policy call to carry out "consumption poverty alleviation", purchasing a batch of agricultural special products produced in xi county, Shanxi Province, ruyang county, henan province, yijun county, shaanxi province, hegang city, heilongjiang province and other key counties and cities in poverty alleviation and development for enterprise welfare. In addition, ZhongrunHuatong's e-commerce platform "Weixin Youpin" is also actively exploring poverty alleviation models. Through cooperation with China Famous Food Promotion Center, we provide online sales channels for companies in poor areas in the "Weixin Youpin" mall. While satisfying the people's demand for high-quality agricultural and sideline products, it also helps to expand the market for agricultural and sideline products in poverty-stricken areas and realize sustainable development of poverty alleviation.


(At the beginning of the new year, ZhongrunHuatong purchased agricultural special products from the poor areas of the country as company welfare)

Ms. Jiang Yu said that through the use of market mechanisms to mobilize social forces to participate in poverty alleviation, the "Weixin Youpin" mall must allow products in poor areas to obtain "saleable channels" and allow consumers to obtain "guaranteable quality", there by driving the economic development of poor areas dedicates love to the people in poor counties.