Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD.


Jiang Yu, founder of Z-Run Wellton, attended the Croatian Infrastructure Summit and delivered a keynote speech.



Ms. Jiang Yu, founder of Z-Run Well Ton Industrial Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the Zagreb Infrastructure Summit on May 21, local time, and made keynote speech. The event was held in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and attracted many influential local investors, project participants, prominent politicians and businessmen. Ms. Jiang Yu was the only representative of Chinese investors invited by the Croatian government to give a speech.



Following the Eighth China-Central and Eastern European Leaders' Meeting held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and the first official visit of Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang to Croatia since the establishment of diplomatic relations 27 years ago, China and Croatia are increasingly close. The Infrastructure Summit also announced many good policies for Chinese investors to invest in infrastructure.



On the one hand, the Chinese government has vigorously promoted the "one belt and one road" to encourage Chinese enterprises to go out of the world. On the one hand, the government of Croatia is opening up cooperation in such important fields as infrastructure. Ms. Jiang Yu said that Z-Run Well Ton has always been a practitioner of "one belt and one road". The investment in infrastructure is very important and profound, because infrastructure construction is in the longer term. The future is really to create value for society and people, bring lasting convenience, and promote social progress and development. For the "one belt and one road" taking root in Croatia, for the deep cooperation and development between China and Croatia in a wider range of fields, for the happy life of Croatia people, and for the more stable "going out" of Chinese investors, Ms. Jiang Yu said that as a representative of Chinese investors, she was very willing to cooperate with more Chinese investors to participate in infrastructure investment and development in Croatia.


During the event, Ms. Jiang Yu's investment concept in infrastructure projects and her feelings towards the Croatian nation and the people were unanimously praised by the local media and people from all walks of life. Many Croatian local enterprises also expressed their hope for further cooperation with Chinese enterprises.