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Ms. Jiang Yu, founder of Z-Run Well Ton , met with former Croatian Prime Minister and Croatian Olympic Committee Chairman Mr.Zlatko Matesa



On the morning of April 15, Ms. Jiang Yu, the founder of Z-Run Well Ton , met with the former Prime Minister of Croatia and Chairman of the Croatian Olympic Committee Mr. Mr.Zlatko Matesa, and Ms.Ljiljana Ujlaki Subic, the Director of the Croatian International Cooperation Department as well as the member of the ICMG Coordination Committee. An in-depth communication has been conducted on the project of Olympic Center.


Former Prime Minister Mr. Mr.Zlatko Matesa suggested that Ms. Jiang Yu should consider comprehensively the sports industry projects such as the Olympic Center, the Croatian National Stadium and the Sports Institute, and expressed his great expectation and support for Ms. Jiang Yu and her team to become strategic partners of the Croatian national sports industry.

During the meeting, Ms. Jiang Yu invited Mr.Zlatko Matesa to serve as a member of the Croatian Special Economic Zone Advisory Group. Mr. Zlatko accepted the invitation and expressed his great pleasure and willingness to contribute to the economic development of the two countries.