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WBL 312 is leading by the Ministry of Commerce has the credibility of the third party product traceability and security management platform, which aims to provide from the production data management, logistics management, market management, product traceability, security verification, product description, advertising, brand marketing, user interaction and a set of solutions for manufacturers. WBL 312 covered products are marked with the one and only the WBL code, consumers through the scan code to verify the authenticity of the product and get product traceability information, from the source to completely cut off the market fraud and selling behavior. At present, the existing system of XXXX 312 visa online sales channels, XXXX stores sales channels and the Ministry of commerce platform to support cross-border circulation; by Ping An insurance, Ampang insurance consumer protection; and more than a dozen banks and financial institutions to provide financial support and a full range of financial services for manufacturers.

Concept, mission, vision

Our idea


Treat each set of data

Our mission

Let the world credit data more and more transparent

Make global financial transactions simpler and simpler

Our vision

Contribution to Chinese data intelligence

Serving the global capital markets

Service category

Security / Traceability query

Query commodity information through web and app scan codes.

Business integrity database

312 to third party certification supervision WidSets form to enhance the integrity of the enterprise ability,

Boost enterprise brand value added.

Product Cuanhuo

Through different levels of information technology, control the flow of goods channels,

The formation of goods Cuanhuo warning management report.

Value-added service

Merchandise circulation management report,

To enable enterprises to clearly understand the status of commodity circulation.

Marketing promotion

312 interactive features to provide accurate Weixin marketing channels for enterprises;

The joint venture plans marketing activities and provides promotional campaigns.

Electronic Commerce

Construction of electronic business platform for enterprises to provide electricity supplier entrance,

Achieve product O2O sales model.

Background and experience advantage

Unified business cloud storage management - High-level data management measures to protect data security;

 Authoritative coding management rules - the Ministry of commerce industry coding standards, the formation of "one quality, one code" control model;

Professional third party service experience - years of anti-counterfeiting, traceability, R & D experience, improve efficiency, save manpower and material resources;

Unique encoding and decoding technology - encryption and authentication of the retrospective code segment, which is difficult to copy;

A unique two-dimensional code encryption - encryption of two-dimensional code, the use of 312 Weixin terminal scan vertical traceability mode discrimination;

Strong operational management strength - the Ministry of Commerce's unit, for the Ministry of Commerce informatization project services for many years, stable and experienced;

Proven data research and development experience - long term management, research and development, Ministry of Commerce, national data, and extensive data analysis and integration experience.

Provide an effective starting point for the government's macro management

For the government management agencies to provide regional brand merchandise information management, starting point;

Provide regional data analysis results for government management, and provide reference for decision-making;

Provide protection for regional brand goods, purify the market order, and form a favorable market circulation environment.

For enterprise brand management to provide effective methods

For enterprise products to provide sophisticated product production, operation, circulation management methods, improve management efficiency;

Multiple security tracing methods are adopted to protect enterprise brand from infringement;

For enterprises to provide electricity supplier docking, expand sales channels;

For enterprises to provide more loyal spending habits;

To provide large data analysis services for enterprises to provide evidence for enterprise development and management.

Provide consumers with convenient access to the information symmetry of the business

An efficient way to provide consumers with convenient identification of authenticity;

Provide docking platform for consumer rights;

Providing consumers with more direct access to branded goods.

To provide wider cooperation space for financial institutions

Can provide enterprises with good faith endorsement, financial institutions may give priority to loans, savings loans cumbersome process;

To provide enterprise credit information for insurance institutions, insurance pre payment services can be provided.