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E-commerce platform

The ultimate goal of e-commerce is to achieve online transactions, enterprise decision-making, support and other aspects of online trading platform. To build a powerful, multi application online transaction system with security, reliability, versatility and integrity, the main functions of the following extensions are implemented:

  • Product release display system

  • Online shopping cart and order placing system

  • Order processing system

  • Customer order inquiry system

  • Enterprise traceability system information exchange

Enterprise portal service

Using the Internet to establish the brand image of the enterprise in the industry, publishing enterprise dynamic and industry information on the Internet, users can search the enterprise products and browse information through the internet. This section has the following functions:

  • Introductory graphic information

  • Information publishing function

  • information acquisition

  • information processing

  • Enterprise architecture information

  • Complete background system management

Customer service

Realize the online communication function, increase the communication channel with the customer, and make the system become a more convenient window for the enterprise to serve the customers. People can complete various product consultation, feedback and complaint function through the network. The following main functions will be implemented:

  • Online consultation, feedback and complaint system

  • Online survey system

  • Online comprehensive information inquiry system

  • Member system

Public traceability service platform

We provide products traceability inquiry service to the public, the public entrance can be traced back tracing of goods, consumers can be in various forms (WEB, APP and WBL) access to public service platform traceability query traceability information products. The method of query presentation is convenient, fast and real-time, and provides visual query interface effect. The main functions of the public consumer inquiry system include: commodity information inquiry, retrospective reporting, query, retrospective map inquiry, feedback, warning information and so on.

  • Internet portal (WEB)

  • Special inquiry machine (WEB)

  • Mobile scanning trace code access (WAP)