Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD.

Eight services

System Management Service

    Based on the coding rules of CPC business products, it is extended to commodity circulation code. Using the international leading technology euht5g technology and Beidou communication integration technology, it can realize fast data transmission and ensure the safety and stability of data in the process of collection, statistics, retrieval, archiving, etc. Realize the standardization, informatization, modernization and digital management of enterprises from production to sales, and ensure that consumers supervise every level of products from production to sales through this system. By means of information technology, it covers the operation process of raw materials, processing, packaging, logistics, sales, etc., and perfectly records the operation data of each link, so as to be traceable in the future. Collect, track and analyze the information of product production, storage, distribution, logistics transportation, market inspection and consumers, as well as the data of product name, executive standard, ingredients, production process, label and identification, so as to help the settled enterprises realize the supervision of the whole life cycle of product raw materials, production, sales, circulation, public service, logistics and other links. Information is presented to consumers in real time through the Internet, terminal query machine and other ways. In theory, the whole process of food from raw material factory to consumers is fully known.

Data application service

    Through the "commodity circulation management system" and the existing platform, combined with the massive third-party consumption database, the multi-source integration is carried out, the real-time dynamic data of consumers are statistically analyzed, and the four label dimension systems of behavior, content, shopping and track are established to provide customer portrait and subdivision management for enterprises. Support real-time audient analysis of customer groups, help enterprises to carry out data recovery, effect evaluation and optimization, provide perfect development interface, interface with various personalized data application needs of enterprises, and provide data management services for enterprises. Through the monitoring and analysis of big data, a good closed-loop data cycle can be formed, which can not only provide consumer product safety information, but also establish communication channels between enterprises and consumers.

Marketing services

    Provide half-year free display service of Weixin Youpin for enterprise products. Weixin Youpin platform is a display platform specially designed for enterprise product display by commodity circulation system. The service cooperation business model is online + offline, dual marketing, and integration at the same time. Online cross-border platforms connect major cross-border platforms, establish traceability zones, and expand enterprise sales channels; offline connect communities, stores, and traceability restaurants, etc., and target consumer groups through the urban business district model.

Brand promotion service

    By means of "100 counties, 100 products", "targeted poverty alleviation" and other ways that meet the requirements of national policies, and by using the form of "county head as spokesperson" - video recording and broadcasting, live broadcasting, thematic promotion, stylized promotion, advantageous promotion and other promotion modes. Make full use of the existing extensive media resources, the third-party consumer base and a variety of online platforms to integrate resources, so as to enhance brand awareness and establish a good brand image for enterprises.

Resource interworking service

    Innovate the business model, provide resources integration, sharing and intercommunication services for enterprises, and combine platforms with businesses. Realize data integration, information sharing and resource exchange between the two sides, focus on the whole international market, and provide qualification for enterprises' export, such as Hara certification, QR certification and other certification systems. At the same time, with a strong data background and professional large-scale logistics cooperation, we can provide enterprises with low-cost and efficient logistics services, such as cold chain logistics.

Port docking service

    One belt, one road initiative, helps China enterprises to go out. As the executive director of the Port Association, it provides customs and port services, port policies, tax coordination, cross border settlement and other high-quality and efficient customs services for the vast number of enterprises going abroad and importing. Make use of the strong government resources of Zhongrun huatong in foreign countries to realize the docking of overseas resources.

Financial management services

    Fully excavate personalized and customized services to help enterprise development, including providing assistance in listing services, shareholding cooperation, etc., to solve financing difficulties and expensive financing problems for enterprises. Use big data and other information technologies to develop smart credit with lower service threshold and more convenient, continue to expand data sources and use dimensions, in-depth discovery of customer demand laws, provide risk identification and early warning system and financial products including dynamic analysis and intelligent calculation and service.

International Think Tank Service

    The platform has top think tanks of experts in various industries, covering the international economic situation, international capital markets, e-commerce in rural areas, business opportunities in the Belt and Road integrity system, and the analysis of the Belt and Road policy. Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD. cooperates with famous national think tank experts such as Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Aerospace Academy, Beidou, health care Commission, China Satellite Application Industry Association to provide entrepreneurs with a variety of services such as policy interpretation, industry form analysis, etc. in the fields of globalization strategy, global governance, talent internationalization and enterprise internationalization.