Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD.


一、About Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD.

Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD. is the practitioner of the national initiative of "One Belt And One Road", upholding the concept of providing customers with professional, flexible, customized, three-dimensional and all-round services, providing high-quality and efficient products for the society, and is a professional business service company.

(一) Vision of enterprise

It is the description and sketch of the ideal, ambition and blueprint that the enterprise strives for.

Our vision:

 To become the world's first-class business services company in the nature of growthiness . 

【 Explanation】

 in the nature of growthiness

External performance is fast growth of business profits, wide market expansion space, sufficient talent and technology reserves, industry leading role, good corporate brand image; The connotation is embodied in strong scientific management ability, strong technological innovation ability, strong resource control ability, strong international operation ability and strong market competition ability. 

world's first-class business services company

With the world's leading industrial scale and stable growth potential, master the important global business resources, and occupy a considerable market voice; The advancement of models and mechanisms, the ownership of technologies and talents, the competitiveness of products, services and costs, and the influence of brand, image and corporate culture have all reached the level of world-class business service companies.

(二) Mission of enterprise

 It is the meaning, value and fundamental purpose of enterprise existence.

Our mission  :

inheritance of career

creation of value

achievement of employee

be helpful to customers

benefit society

care for environment

inheritance of career——Always adhere to the "people-oriented", to "pass on, help, take" as the goal of business inheritance, through cultural knowledge, technical skills, experience and other all-round inheritance so that everyone can become a pillar of the industry. Generation after generation, is the cause of the relay, but also the spirit of the inheritance.

creation of value——Improve the quality of service, the pursuit of endless service level, the emphasis on long-term interests and short-term benefits of the organic combination, to achieve sound management, integrity, timely and standardized disclosure of information, to establish the market image praised by all parties.

achievement of employee——Care for employees, create a platform for them to fully display their talents, provide a safe and healthy working environment and opportunities for growth and development, constantly improve the happiness index of employees, and share the fruits of reform and development.

be helpful to customers——Sincere cooperation with customers, honor the contract, keep the promise, continue to create common development opportunities, mutual benefit, win-win; Advocate service first, think what customers think, what customers need, help customers succeed. 

benefit society——We should pay attention to the coordinated development of social and economic benefits, actively explore the development path of circular economy, build environment-friendly enterprises, promote independent innovation and industrial upgrading, serve the global economy and make due contributions to social progress.

care for environment——To protect the environment, conserve resources, adhere to the concept of green development and ecological development, promote energy conservation and emission reduction, implement safe, environmentally friendly, healthy and clean production, develop a low-carbon economy and realize sustainable use of resources.

(三) Cultural atmosphere

Refers to the spiritual style that embodies the specific tradition, habit and behavior mode advocated by the enterprise in the working atmosphere of the enterprise.

Our cultural atmosphere:





positive——People's positive attitude, mutual appreciation between people, mutual motivation; Active in work, fair, just and open; Active life, happy health, taste. 

frank——Be open-minded , and create an atmosphere where you can speak the truth and face problems directly. You can face and deal with problems with a candid attitude, without evading or shifting responsibility.    

simple——Everyone devotes time and energy to doing things, simplifies complex problems, simplifies complex relationships, and implements streamlining and efficient.

lenient——Respect people, understand people, accept people, trust people, be able to accept different perspectives, integrate different cultures, encourage change, tolerate failure, and form an entrepreneurial atmosphere of officers who dare to act, bear responsibility and dare to innovate.

(四) Image of brand

Refers to the overall external impression of the company's various signs and behaviors.


Logo interpretation:

Zhongrun Huatong's corporate logo is dominated by red, active, active, enthusiastic, passionate, unrestrained and endless fighting spirit. The overall shape of the logo is round, such as the rising sun, symbolizing the powerful corporate vitality and magnificent.

In the center of the logo, the white lines are like three streams of water. All life originates from water. Wherever there is water, there is life. Water is also a symbol of wealth. Taking water as wealth, and meeting water, it indicates the development of the company interest.

The three lines that lead to the center form the image of the traditional totem "dragon" of the Chinese nation, symbolizing that Zhongrun Huatong is a leading enterprise in the industry, showing the integrity and sound corporate characteristics.

Our image of brand:


good faith 


safe and sound


responsible——Have the courage to take responsibility, be serious and responsible, be an excellent corporate citizen, and actively fulfill political, economic and social responsibilities. 

good faith——Consciously maintain the reputation of the enterprise, credit, goodwill, ethics, abide by the promise, according to the law and compliance with the operation.

eco—— aking healthy, coordinated and sustainable development as its own responsibility, it has incorporated environmental construction, management and protection into the whole process of enterprise management.

safe and sound——On the basis of the standardization construction of work safety, supported by the construction of information technology, we will effectively prevent and reduce various risks, form a long-term mechanism, and build a safety management system with zhongrun characteristics.

harmonious——Adhere to the people-oriented, in the company to form a good atmosphere for the organic coordination of various business segments, harmonious development of the enterprise, harmonious coexistence of employees, and common improvement of soft power and hard power; Develop a good relationship with stakeholders and the environment

二、Values of Zhongrun

(一) core values

 It is the most basic belief of enterprises and the right and wrong standard to judge words and deeds.

Our core values:


good faith 




responsibility—— Undertake political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility, dare to take on work, bear responsibility, be willing to act, be able to do something, keep improving in management, be meticulous in operation, be careful in cost, and have zero accidents and injuries in safety .

good faith—— Be honest and trustworthy, be a sincere person, treat people with sincerity, do things honestly, keep your promises and deeds, and build a trustworthy and loyal brand image with the company's integrity.

open——Open minds, absorb new things, and lead new changes; open operation methods and cooperation with an open mind; open culture to form a cultural atmosphere of integration and harmony 

excellence——Full of passion, continuous pursuit, and courage to surpass, make the products, technologies and services provided perfect; follow the procedures, pay attention to details, and continue to improve, so that the level of science and technology and management reach excellence.

(二)spirit of enterprise

It is a group spirit style based on common beliefs and values. 

our spirit of enterprise:

group work 

work hard 



group work——Equal and friendly, good at communication, modest and prudent, accept criticism, close cooperation, tacit cooperation; Play team spirit, complement and help each other to achieve the maximum efficiency of the team, support and work together for a common goal.

work hard——Inspiring spirit, forge ahead, unswervingly towards the goal of the struggle; In prosperity, we should be cautious. In adversity, we should have firm faith and strive hard to create a brilliant career.

innovate——Dare to break through, dare to strive for the first, focus on strengthening the ability of strategic control, independent innovation, international management, operation management and brand building, to build the most promising growth of the world's first-class business service company.

(三)Business philosophy

 It is the basis for managers to pursue enterprise performance and business objectives.

Our business philosophy:

creation of value 

return first


creation of value—— Creating value is the basis of competition for survival. Satisfy customer needs, enhance operational and innovation capabilities, promote management enhancements, and achieve outstanding performance; create maximum value with limited resources, and pursue the joint enhancement of own value and customer value.

return first——Pay attention to economic benefits in business operations, invest the best operating resources in the market that can bring the greatest business returns, provide high value-added products through technological innovation, establish a good brand image and win long-term returns.

(四)management concept

It is to conceptualize the principles of management, to ensure that the system adheres to the value orientation of the enterprise, and does not deviate from the development goals of the enterprise.

our management concept:

Collaborative and efficient 

Keep improving


Collaborative and efficient—— Focus on coordination, pursue efficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency, integrate and optimize the allocation of resources, and achieve intensive and efficient management around the operating system, management structure, and conceptual capabilities; in the process of cooperation, cooperate with each other to give play to the overall effect and create 1 + 1 > 2 comprehensive benefits.

Keep improving——Lean thinking at work, continuous improvement, cultivate excellent internal operation management capabilities with Zhongrun's business management system, institutionalize and streamline management, Scientific cost, careful calculation, sincere service, the pursuit of perfection, In terms of implementation, it is implemented in a serious and uncompromising manner to realize full staff, whole process and all-round management.

(五) Concept of social responsibility

It is the obligation that enterprises must undertake to safeguard the fundamental interests of the country, society and mankind.

our concept of social responsibility:

safety in production 

good faith 

genuine goods at fair prices

Keen to public welfare 

care for environment


safety in production——Work environment is safe and healthy, actively prevent occupational diseases, gradually improve the salary of employees, improve the comprehensive quality and ability of employees.

good faith——Abide by the laws, regulations and articles of association of the company, be honest and trustworthy, and earnestly perform the legally concluded contract.

genuine goods at fair prices——To ensure the authenticity of products, consumer safety. To protect the rights and interests of consumers, to provide sound after-sales service, timely for consumers to solve problems.

Keen to public welfare——To undertake the responsibility of helping the poor and developing charities, and to help uncertain social groups, such as social welfare institutions, medical service institutions, educational undertakings, poverty-stricken areas, and groups with special difficulties.

care for environment——To undertake the responsibility of sustainable development, resource conservation, environmental protection and natural harmony. We should practice the scientific outlook on development, build resource-conserving and environment-friendly enterprises, and make their production and operation harmonized with the natural ecosystem.

In addition, in the operation of the enterprise, the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations are taken as the direction of the enterprise's efforts to adhere to sustainable development and solve the development problems from three dimensions of society, economy and environment.

End poverty; end hunger; good health and well-being; quality education; gender equality; clean water and sanitation; cheap and clean energy; decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; bridging the gap; sustainable cities and communities; Responsible consumption and production; Climate action; Underwater creatures; Terrestrial creatures; Peace, justice and strong institutions; Partnerships to advance goals.

(六)Brand slogan

It is the declaration of enterprise to build and spread the connotation of enterprise brand.

our brand slogan:

zhongrunhuatong Accommodating all over the world


The principle of enterprise management, impartiality, compromise and harmonious management attitude.

Subtly, through each work to benefit customers, let employees grow, let the enterprise to obtain performance.

It is based on Chinese elements and national interests.

Accommodate the world, let the world's commodity circulation has not difficulty.

Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD. penetrates and pools the resources and commodities of the whole world, so that there is no difficult business in the world.

(七) principle of enterprise

1.on talent:Talent is the first resource

2.on resource:With resources, you have a future

3.on cost:Cost leadership to create full cost competitiveness

4.on safety:Safety is benefit, staff is wealth

5.on quality:Quality comes from details

6.on innovation:Technology leads the industry Innovation leads the future

7.on risk:Establish risk awareness, strengthen risk management

8.on integrity: integrity

9.on learning: Whole-member learning Continuous learning Lifelong learning

10.on development:Scientific development

三、principle of behavior

(一)behavior criteria 

1.on work:Practical, rigorous and efficient cooperation

2.on mental:Have passion in the state dare to act bravely

3.ethical: Love the motherland loyalty to company and dedication

4.on relationship: deal big things with principle,deal small things with style,cooperate with each other,grow friendship with coworkers

5.on polish: integrity, self-cultivation, ambition, hard work, 

6.on group work: Clear goals, firm faith, sincere cooperation, hard work 

(二)working norms

1.appearance—— clean and tidy

2.attitude—— careful

3.discipline——abide by regulation


5.custom——daily affaire solved

6.places—— safe and orderly


1.with self—— integrity

2.with other people—— prudent and polite

3.social——warm and frank

4.meeting—— abide by time and regulation

5.work—— polite and by order

6.public—— constrain self and respect guests