Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD.


Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD is a large comprehensive enterprise verified and approved by the State Administration of Industry and Commerce of the People’s Republic of China. Business scope of the company includes: investments, construction and operation in the fields of trade, food, manufacturing, agriculture, culture, environmental protection, mining, medical treatment, real estate, energy, finance and logistics.

Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD is committed to be the push for global free trade and take an active part in investments, construction and operation of China’s 13 pilot free trade zones including Shanghai and Guangdong. Relying on bilateral and multilateral mechanisms set up between China and related countries, along the “One Belt and One Road”, Z-RUN WELLTON INDUSTRY CO.,LTD has established business cooperation with free trade zones of 23 countries and regions. It also owns exchanges of commodities, aquatic products, crude oil and LNG in Shanghai, Fuzhou and Zhoushan, China. Zhejiang Free Trade Zone Republic Energy Co.,Ltd., under Z-Run WellTon Co.,Ltd., has started businesses and trades with many main oil and petrochemical companies all over the world in fields of oil, LNG, processed oil, anhydrous ethanol and other liquid chemicals. 

Z-Run WellTon Industry CO.,LTD has international licenses of financial services in bank, insurance, trust, security, futures, fund and finance lease.  The company also operates RMB offshore settlement center in cooperation with People’s bank of China and all kinds of other financial services.

Z-Run Well Ton is also devoting itself to technical development and personnel training in order to seize the opportunity and provide strong dynamic for its  further development.

Being the designated partner of business center of UNIDO-ISEC and sustainable-development executive organization, Z-Run Well Ton Co.,Ltd. works with Peking University, Tsinghua University, BJTU, NAS and many other national key universities to develop and implement many national important projects and in the meantime set up its own globalization talent think tank. 

“Weixin 312 commodity traceability management service platform” is part of sub-items of the Golden Gate Project, which is one of the Important Projects of the 12th Five-year Plan, Z-Run Well Ton is working hard for its commercialization and industrialization. Cooperating with China Supply and Marketing General Bureau and aiming at Chinese in-depth  market, the company is setting up a full-chain logistics system with creating a new countryside E-Commerce platform and providing service in model of “internet+ agriculture”.

In cooperation with many internationally influential companies, Z-Run Well Ton is promoting the application of super 5G information transmission technology and new energy batteries technology as well as worldwide operation and maintenance services of new energy automobiles.

Our major and investment operations projects

Z-RUN WELL TON focuses on “One Belt, One Road” construction, new urbanization investment construction, entity industry investment & operation and internet plus investment & operation, forming close type, semi-close type, loose type cooperation with many famous enterprises. The important and holding projects consist of:

1.Z-RUN WELL TON cooperated with China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM) and established mixed ownership enterprise.

2.Z-RUN WELL TON cooperated with Confortune Information Technology Co., Ltd, which belongs to the Ministry of Commerce, to invest and operate “Weixin 312 product traceability management services platform” as exclusive agent for market promotion with wholly owned subsidiary Gonghe (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd to be responsible for marketing development, platform operation and technique support.

3.Z-RUN WELL TON invested the second phase development project of Beijing New International Convention and Exhibition Centre,holding certain stock right, totally over 25 billion RMB.

4.Z-RUN WELL TON invested internet information industry project, Gift (Shanghai) Information Technology Co., Ltd as major holder.

5.Z-RUN WELL TON invested stem cells research & development and application project, Huaxia Rili Health Management Co., Ltd as major holder. This project supplies most advanced biological technology, and has broad perspective.

6.Z-RUN WELL TON invested PNA fishery industry oceanic fishing and aquatic product processing project, Fujian Z-RUN WELL TON Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd as major holder. 

7.Z-RUN WELL TON is going to invest to develop Fujian Langqi region, a free trade zone in China. the project includes one-level land developing with total investment 4.5 billion RMB, two-level land developing with total investment 27 billion RMB. Now it is in stage of preliminary planning.

8.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Shenzhen Z-RUN WELL TON Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd as major holder.

9.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Yinglong Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd as major holder.

10.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Shenzhen Qianhai Former Sea Information Technology cC., Ltd (wholly-owned).

11.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Zhongxin House (Gutian) Investment Co., Ltd as major holder.

12.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Xiamen Yanyan Business Service Co., Ltd as major holder.

13.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Zhangzhou Yanyan Business Service Co., Ltd as major holder.

14.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Xinjiang Z-RUN WELL TON Intelligence Science and Technolongy Co., Ltd as major holder.

15.Z-RUN WELL TON invest Gonghe Japan Climate Systems Corporation as major holder.

16.Z-RUN WELL TON invested Yuhuang Yan Group (Malaysia) Co., Ltd as major holder.

Z-RUN WELL TON also invested some commodity and equity exchange and company entities as non-controlling shareholder.

Our partners

1, the national government departments and management functions: National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of industry, the Ministry of agriculture, food and drug administration, the CBRC, the technical quality supervision bureau, SAIC and so on.

2, the national trade association: China service trade association, China Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives, Chinese Food Industry Association, Chinese Green Food Association, Chinese Association, auto parts industry Chinese Property Management Association, China green the Great Wall association more than 30 national industry association.

3, well-known enterprises: China Ping'an group, Ampang insurance group company, Vc firms, Guarantee Corporation, deep in the National Development Bank, the Agricultural Bank, construction bank, bank Chinese, China bank, Chinese Minsheng Bank, industrial bank, Chinese Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Asset Management Co, Asset Management Co, the Great Wall East three fund the world, rich fund, fund, Suntech Huirong collaborative innovation fund, Huayao capital, China Building Materials Group, construction group, Guotai Junan financial advisers, lawyers, Chinese lawyers, Deheng China building, China transportation construction, railway, railway construction, governance, Beijing urban construction, bewg, first, Beijing drainage, Beijing Yongqing environmental protection industry, etc..